Prayer Network- Children Intercessors of Africa

Prayer network we seek to mobilize a prayer network movement of children in Africa who will pray and stand in the gap, we believe grounding children not only in the word but also prayer would create a good spiritual foundation. The prayer network shares its programs through social media, monthly prayer items, organizing of prayer seminars for children.

God is calling now the children to rise and stand in the gap.

Let’s join hands for the African children who are under oppression, the orphans, the hurting, needs our voice before God and child will be the voices for their fellow children, family and the nation.

Mission: create a spiritual network of children through prayer based on sound biblical principles giving hope, purpose, protection, livelihood and unity of purpose for the redemption of the African child.

Strategy: Prayer meetings over the internet, at our homes, at our work places and anywhere possible, where joint prayers can be held by children


  • Creating a prayer network of children in Africa to pray for the needs and salvation of children
  •  Raise children prayer warriors in every country in Africa that represents the 54 countries of Africa with follows for each representative of the 54 countries.
  • Create children prayer  chains in churches, schools, homes ,organizations …
  • Empower children leaders/workers/parents on raising children who are prayer warriors.
  • Organize prayer events around Africa.
  • Produce prayer books and materials for parents and children.
  • To make the children aware of the circumstances and needs of Africa, so that they can pray for the people of their continent.


 Prayer Fellowship

Our monthly prayer day happens every first Sunday of every month in partnership with super kid’s church that takes place every month this day seeks to bring all children workers and all united Africa members to intercede for children.

The network of prayer for children happens every first Sunday of every month.

 The Children Prayer Day

This seeks to bring children from different churches, homes, estates to a prayer concert which is done with partnership with Super Kids Africa.

This is always an exciting experience for children as they gather together for a time of worship and pray for other children.

At this particular time we also welcome parents, youth to join the children. Other place where this takes place is schools, homes, and streets.

The prayer concerts are always done in different venues in order to give opportunity for every child to be involved.

Kid’s prayer walk

We mobilize children in our community who are believers or from churches for a day of prayer walk around the community as a demonstration of faith and allow them to see Gods work and the needs he reveals to them in the society as they pray over them.

Grandparent’s day                                         This is a day where grandparents join together to pray for their grant children and other children. The event brings up unity of purpose on raising a Godly generation.

Annual kids Africa prayer conference

 Our annual kid’s prayer conference brings children together from all walks of lives for two days prayer conference where they learn the art of praying from different speakers who are expert in children ministry.

Children Prayer Mentor – Marama WaterHouse


  1. Register your country

Register your church, organization or family

  1. Set day of prayer each week with your children it can be during Sunday school or before, it can be during dinner time with your family but let it be specific day for consistency
  2. We will provide books to help you lead your children in prayer and monthly prayer points
  3. Monthly online teaching and prayer will happen once in a month
  4. Create a prayer box where children can always drop their prayer request that can be shared with privacy of children on children prayer intessoors wall

6 If registered as a family have a box whereas family can always drop a need

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