ABC Bible Project

It’s a project that focuses in producing educative and Christian children learning materials for churches, organization and kids programs and simplifying the word of God to children in a level they can understand it and also share it. This can not be complete without the children ministers being empowered in order to have effective ministries to children the ABC bible project also works together with school of children ministry in producing training materials that are relevant.

ABC BIBLE is a project to develop materials for children. By the grace of God we have continued to partner with different organizations in coming up with good materials for children


  • To empower children ministries with enough resources for effective ministries
  • To develop materials which are child friendly
  • To supply children curriculum across Africa for effective ministry to children
  • To provide camp, VBS, conference….children materials


  • Choose a country you would love to partner with or become an ambassador in order to see materials reach children and children workers empowered.
  • Volunteer your services or resources in getting the material’s out
  • Become a prayer partner

To achieve our desired goal which is the production of our kid’s Christian learning material that have already been developed we seek printing partnership and financial support to see this materials get to the right hands , we have a team of volunteers who are passionately working to make this a success by getting it to the right hands.. It’s our goal and desire to get a millions copies to a million children in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi and the rest of Africa. To achieve this goal we seek partners to partner with us in production or sponsoring the project…