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We cannot be the answer to every need in Africa, but we can play a part in fighting some of the needs like poverty. As United Africa for Children, we choose to be part of the solution by empowering communities through establishment of community projects that help to bring the change needed in fighting poverty with our main focus being the child. Educating and empowering the child is one key area in securing a better Africa.


Child sponsorship gives the less privileged children a chance to live their dream and have a great future.

Sponsoring a child through United Africa for Children is one of the most blessed, effective, inspiring and rewarding ways to help children live their dreams as we shape their future by giving them a chance for education and to enjoy a healthy life.

To eradicate poverty in Africa, we must focus on children and begin to shape their minds for future prosperity, good health and becoming responsible citizens. Through your support you will not only be giving them education but also helping to meet their basic needs. Your taking part in the sponsorship is a gift to the whole community and nation since the child is an icon of the future prosperity of a nation.

What does sponsoring a child mean for united Africa for children? A supporter from any country has entered into a supportive relationship with a child in Africa from a poor background and who is vulnerable (Orphan, infected by HIV/AIDS, children at risk, street children). The supporter helps to equip the child with skills and opportunities through giving financial support towards their education or any other thing for the child’s benefit.

When you sponsor a child; you will receive details of your sponsored child, like their photograph, child’s family, location of residence, and other key details about your child.

Updates; we strive to annually update your child’s information sheet and photo. Your sponsored child will write you a letter at least twice in a year. If you would like to send a letter, card or photo back to them they would love to receive it.

Areas of child sponsorship

Partner today

 School fees only 20 US DOLLARS Per month

 School resources per year 50 US DOLLARS (full uniforms, books, shoes and emergency items),

Full sponsorship, school fees, school resource school activities 30 US DOLLARS per month

Support other sponsorship

  • Feed a hungry child. Your sponsorship of only 15 dollars per month will pay for a child’s balance diet,
  • Health insurance ‘ A gift of 7 US DOLLARS per month will  take care of a child’s full medical insurance

Administration cost .a gift of any amount will help us in the running of the program as we reach out to sponsor a child.

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