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About Super Kids Africa

Super kids Africa brings together children from all walks of life to learn and explore their talents for the glory of God with a vision of reaching millions of children in Africa with the gospel of Christ. Super Kids Africa fulfills its mandate through touching the lives of the children by nurturing their potential and helping them become, grow and mature in their faith in Christ through discipleship, mentorship, empowering children workers and care givers on effective ministry to children.
Super Kids Africa acts as a record holder of school events, church missions and a legendary holder of the best personalities of children which is recognized through Super Kids Africa Awards, with the desire to see a transformed generation that glorifies God through their talents and is grounded in the word.
Our Motto: Become, Grow, and Mature
Vision: Empowering children to their full potential and helping them live a Christ driven life.
Mission: Create a spiritual network of children based on sound biblical principals giving hope, Purpose, protection, livelihood and unity of purpose for the redemption of the
African child


• P— Prayerful
• R— Responsible
• E— Empowered
• S— Sensitive
• E—Excellency
• R—Reliable
• V—Virtuous
• E—Engaged
• D—Disciplined

1. To help children grow in their understanding of God’s word in their early age.
2. To help children grow in their ability to pray and nurture their spiritual growth.
3. Empowering children to their full potential.
4. To provide the kids a chance and direction to participate in the ministry in their early age.
5. To help children develop the ability to show kindness and witness the good news of salvation to their family, friends, and neighbors.
6. Empower children workers in order to grow a vibrant and flourishing children’s ministry that is effective and passionate to reach children.
7. Empowering families (parents, caregivers) on unlocking the future destiny of their children.