Volunteer in Africa gives you an exciting experience like no other in your life as you get to give back to the society and play an important role in helping build up communities In Africa that are in need and giving meaning to life for many.
We welcome everyone around the world to give their time to the communities through our programs in Africa in the area of their interest, calling, profession, skills or talents in order to spread the love of Jesus to the children of Africa. We welcome groups, individuals, churches, institutions (schools and universities), families, youths, organizations and others who are looking for opportunities to make a difference in the life of a child and the people of Africa.
We have a variety of volunteer programs that are in line with your passion, your profession such as church ministry, child-care works, HIV/Aids programs, Orphans and Vulnerable Children programs, resource mobilization, sports, counseling and mentorship, internship and attachments, media, missions and outreach, camps and more. The aim is to improve peoples’ lives, develop and empower our people for a purpose driven and meaningful life.
We appreciate and respect our volunteers for the efforts you put in making a difference in the lives of kids in Africa.
For a great experience, life transformation and being challenged by what you get involved in, we provide good orientation, short training which aims at preparing you on what you get involved in and gives you a deeper understanding of different environs, community and people you will get to interact with and lastly to enable you to set goals for the period you will be involved.

• P— prayerful
• R— responsible
• E— empowered
• S— sensitive
• E-— Excellency
• R-— reliable
• V— virtues
• E—engaged
• D— disciplined

Vision: Unite Africa with an aim to eradicate poverty in Africa, promote peace, promote networking, and promote partnerships and collaboration globally to grow Africa by giving opportunity to everyone to serve as an agent of change for the glory of God.
Mission: Create opportunities of service for everyone in order to improve, develop, empower and build the communities of Africa ensuring its people live in freedom, out of poverty giving meaning to life for the less privileged, destitute, the orphans and those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, all for the glory of God.

• To give people an opportunity to serve within their area of specialization.
• To eradicate poverty in Africa.
• To promote peace in Africa by helping people serve each other in order to build Africa.
• To reach out to the less privileged in the society.
• To build a network in Africa that serves its people with integrity.
• To set up a store of different projects in Africa that can display and showcase their work in order to pass knowledge and in turn build a better Africa.

We Highly Encourage volunteers to work with us. Kindly download this from Fill it then email it to info@unitedafricaforchildren.org 

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