Child Discipleship And Mentorship – Mentoring the next generation of leaders

As we reach children with the good news we are also making sure they are rooted in Christ through discipleship and mentorship for six month or more

Strategic objectives

  • To train young leaders who serve in super kids Africa! – give them a vision of what Christian leadership is about and allow them to reach the next generation
  • Use school pastoral programs as an opportunity for children discipleship and develop a kids club that is focused on kids mentorship
  • Strengthen families and help them discipleship their children
  • Passing the button to the next generation and the next leader programs
  • Unlocking the future destiny of the child seminars, where the parents will stand in the gap of their children.


Mentors play an important role in the nurturing process of kids, so the church has to do its best to have good mentors. Mentors should be those who have a burden to serve children and at the same time be prepared for effective ministry through training and developing good characteristics. The number of mentors will be based on the age groups of children in the church.

Training mentors

Mentors will be trained well to enable them to teach the children in a Mature and Systematized way to ensure they are fruitful in their ministry. The training will be offered in a short course, seminars or in an institution. The quantity of

Mentors will be increased based on the number of children in the church

Venue: churches, schools, home 

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