Super Kids Africa School

Super Kids Africa is a missions organization that supports current schools with supplies and other essential items, and establishes schools in rural and remote locations where no schools are available for child to attend. Our goal is for each child to receive quality education, with no child left behind. We have  faith  in  God  that  He  will  provide  these  things  for  each  and  every struggling child, while also providing spiritual training and guidance, so each child  is firmly rooted in their faith in God. We aim to offer encouragement and  a  safe,  happy  environment  where  every  child  is  known,  valued  and accepted as they are. The children serve are from poor backgrounds. We are humble seeking sponsorhsip for each child.


Transforming communities through quality education, grounded in the word of God to create well rounded, strong, confident children of upstanding faith.


To  provide  exceptional  care,  and  foster  a  creative  community  of  smart learners.


A community of life long learners, responsible global citizens, and strong and faithful leaders of tomorrow..


Super  Kid’s  mentorship  program  directs  its  focus  to  the  children  and  the care  givers  in  the  communities  of  Africa  that  are  under  the  sponsorship program.    We    provide    mentorship,    discipleship,    school    tutoring    and counseling  for  the  children.  We  welcome  individuals  and  organizations  to partner and provide their skills in mentorship


  • Provide mentorship and counseling to children
  • Provide a  discipleship  program  and  help  the  children  in  their  walk with the Lord
  • Provide school tutoring for quality performance in school
  • To help   us   keep   in   touch   with   children   under   our   sponsorship program.
  • Teach and train in life skills


Our current Project - Super Kids Africa Kakogoo School

The school is located in Kenya, Kitui County; Katse location. The school has 66 Pre-primary students from the community. The area is affected by long periods of drought and increased cases of poverty. After our first visit in the community, we decided to collaborate with care givers to see that children do not have to walk 7 or more kilometers to receive quality education. We also developed ideas of community projects that would contribute to the livelihood of the care givers in that community.

Currently our school has two classes and 56 students with two volunteer teachers who live on allowance.

We believe we have a responsibility to the next generation. While in this community, a child missing school is almost a norm due to the majority of parent’s inability to afford school fees and long distances to access school. Boys and girls are equally affected and some end up engaging in drug and substance abuse, stealing among other vices. Addressing challenges affecting these children ability to access quality education will enable this community to break free from the poverty cycle and therefore enhance development.

Why Kakogoo education school

  1. To improve well-being of the vulnerable and less privileged children of Kakogoo community.
  2. To provide care and support services for the less privilege in the rural area
  3. To bring education closer to the community where children do not need to walk many miles to attend a class.
  4. To participate in the achievement of Sustainable Development


A society whose children are not educated is like a building without a foundation. In this case, education is what brings enlighten and development in a community. The rural communities in Katse, Kakogoo sub location have a problem with limited educational facilities among other needs. Children walk an average distance of 8 kilometers every day to attend a nearby school under the scorching sun. They also experience a long dry season which makes life difficult and increases cases of poverty.

As a result, children between the ages of 5 to 13 in this community always report late for school due to the distance they cover, while the schools also record increased cases of absenteeism.

Child labor, early pregnancies and child marriages is a major issue in this community as a result of lack of adequate, affordable educational facilities. These children are instead forced to farm and engage in other menial jobs to support their parents.  Parents justify this with the reason that, no one can takes care of the home when they are away and those children too cannot cover the long distances to access school.

This situation is affecting the development of Katse/Kakogoo community and therefore the general development of Kenya. It is in this light, that United Africa for children through its program Super Kids Africa has designed a project to build a school for the vulnerable, unprivileged rural communities to help improve their well-being.


The project is designed to put up a school structure that comprises of a; 8 unit classroom block; a library, ICT facility, a dispensary and a borehole for the people of Katse/Kakogoo, Kitui county, Kenya.


Our broad goal of the project is to bridge the educational gap between rural and urban communities in Kenya. The first phase of the project begins in Katse/Kakogoo sub location, Kitui County, Kenya.

The following objectives have top be achieved in order to fulfill the goal;

  1. Build a, 8 unit classroom block with ICT and library facility.
  2. Drill a borehole for the community.


As Super kids Africa, to meet the developing needs of the school and community, we rely heavily on the support of the wider community to establish projects that would generate income and ensure sustainability of the school. It is an opportunity to directly affect the life of a child and eradicate poverty in poor undeveloped community by educating its children. Your involvement will ensure we have facilities and equipment which will enhance the delivery of quality education to the orphans, children with special needs and the vulnerable children

How can you partner with us to influence the lives of the children in Kakogoo?

  1. Volunteer your services to offer your skills at the school
  2. Sponsor a child
  3. Sponsor a teacher
  4. Donate school items i.e. stationery, school bags, uniforms and more.
  5. Partner with us to construct classrooms, sanitation facilities, a kitchen and other facilities

Currently our school is on lease and we are seeking support on buying the land where the school is operating from. This is to allow us to continue with the project development .join to help us purchase the land today. The land is going for 500,000 Kenya shilling (5000 US dollars)


Kindly Support our Efforts