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Stand For the African Child Wherever You Are

Prayer network we seek to mobilize a prayer movement of children in Africa who will pray and reach out to other children this will include youths and adults. The prayer network shares its programs through social media, monthly prayer items, organizing of prayer seminars and more.
Being a child today is harder than before. Unthinkable tragedies that are dizzying up heavily on our societies in Africa and the rest of the world have instilled fear and our children’s sense of security has turned into worrisome panic.
Sensually saturated television programs and hardcore internet pornography have helped rob our children of their innocence.
Ruthless and merciless people have robbed the dignity of our children who will save our children? Who will stand in the gap for our children? Our prayers for them will be their security and their defense.
God is calling us to stand in the gap for the children of Africa.
Let’s join hands for the African children who are under oppression, the orphans and the hurting need our voice before God


Create a spiritual network of children through prayer based on sound biblical principals giving hope, purpose, protection, livelihood and unity of purpose for the redemption of the African child.


Prayer meetings over the internet, at our homes, at our work places and anywhere possible, where joint prayers can be held.

• Creating a prayer network of children in Africa to pray for the needs and salvation of children.
• Raise children prayer warriors in every country in Africa (that represent the 54 countries of Africa) with followers for each representative of the 54 countries.
• Create children prayer chains in churches, schools, homes ,organizations …
• Empower children leaders/workers/parents on raising children who are prayer warriors.
• Organize prayer events around Africa.
• Produce prayer books and materials for parents and children.
• To make the children aware of the circumstances and needs of Africa, so that they can pray for the people of their continent.


Prayer Fellowship
Our monthly prayer day happens every first Sunday of every month in partnership with super kid’s church that takes place every month. This day seeks to bring all children workers and all united Africa members to intercede for children.
The network of prayer for children happens every first Sunday of every month.

The Children Prayer Day
This seeks to bring children from different churches, homes, estates to a prayer concert which is done in partnership with Super Kids Africa.
This is always an exciting experience for children as they gather together for a time of worship and pray for other children.
At this particular time we also welcome parents and youth to join the children. Other places where this takes place is schools, homes and streets.
The prayer concerts are always done in different venues in order to give opportunity for every child to be involved.

Kid’s prayer walk

We mobilize children in our community who are believers or from churches for a day of prayer walk around the community as a demonstration of faith and allow them to see God’s work and the needs he reveals to them in the society as they pray over them.

Grandparent’s day
This is a day where grandparents join together to pray for their grandchildren and other children. The event brings up unity of purpose on raising a Godly generation.

Annual kids Africa prayer conference
Our annual kid’s prayer conference brings children together from all walks of life for a two day prayer conference where they learn the art of praying from different speakers who are experts in children ministry.

Joining the Prayer Cycle of Children in Africa

We focus on organizations, schools, churches, missionaries etc.
Children’s Prayer Networks -everybody who is in touch with children of Africa, to be part of the network.
• Each child who is part of the Network, through their schools, churches etc. receive a name of a country to pray for as well as a child’s name from another country who represents the country to pray for as well.
• Each country produces 54 children who represent the 54 countries of Africa.
We welcome everyone who wishes to join us to pray for the African child in Africa by choosing a country in Africa which is represented by 54 children who stand in the gap and present the African continent.
You can form your own cycle of prayer as a group, in your church, schools or as a family which you will email us to let us know you are standing in the gap after choosing a country.

Africa fasting and prayer day of parents/leaders for children
Every Wednesday 6am to 6pm

Our prayer concerts always cost a lot and we welcome you to support this movement financially or resourcefully monthly in order to touch lives of children throughout Africa and the rest of the word by prayer.
Currently we are in great need of a sound system.
“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” – Jesus ~ Matthew 5:3
Choose a country to represent in Africa to represent in prayers network!