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Super kids Africa Objectives

Kids events (super kids Africa awards)
 Discipleship and mentorship.
 Equipping and empowering children ministers and parents.
 Children evangelism (Outreach and missions).

KIDS EVENTS .VBS, Camps, Concerts, awards ……..

 Train the children as intercessors who will stand in the gap for their generation through the ABC prayer book.
 Allow children to grow a lifestyle of daily worship to God.
 Help all have a wider vision of who they are in Christ and how their prayers matter through the ABC book.
 To help Children participate in age appropriate events which will include their families.
This will happen in collaboration with churches, homes, schools and organizations.

Venues: schools, homes, churches.
Times: once every month and in different locations but super kids will set the pace.
Theme: arise and shine children worship experience.
Kid’s worship programs
Kids worship is among the best tools that can be used to nurture children’s spiritual life. It enables them to worship freely, to hear God’s word, pray and serve Him because they are never too young to begin working for Him. So the church leaders will establish a children’s worship program, where young kids are involved.
We will also schedule a balanced kid’s worship experience concert through out our country Kenya and trusting God it will be extended to other nations of Africa service as follows:

To avoid the main problems in the teaching process of children, the church
will prepare mentors and materials for teaching.


• Train mentors each year to mentor 100 children.
• To train young leaders who serve in super kids Africa! – give them a vision of what Christian leadership is about and allow them to reach the next generation
• Use school pastoral programs as an opportunity for children discipleship and develop a kids club that is focused on kid’s mentorship.
• Empowering children workers on effective children ministry that is focused on mentorship, discipleship and outreach and mission to children.
• Strengthen families and help them discipline their children.
• Passing the baton to the next generation and the next leader programs.
• Unlocking the future destiny of the child seminars, where the parents will stand in the gap of their children.


Mentors play an important role in the nurturing process of kids, so the church has to do its best to have good mentors. Mentors should be those who have a burden to serve children and at the same time be prepared for effective ministry through training and developing good characteristics. The number of mentors will be based on the age groups of children in the church.

Training mentor’s disciples
Mentors will be trained well to enable them to teach the children in a Mature and Systematic way to ensure they are fruitful in their ministry. The training will be offered in a short course, seminars or in an institution. The quantity of mentors will be increased based on the number of children in the church.

Venue: churches, schools, homes.


Train at least 50 teachers every year

Training will include
• Train children workers on effective ministry to children.
• Train on missions and outreaches to children.
• Parenting seminars.
• Inspiration conferences for children ministers where they share experiences on children ministry.

We will seek each year to train 50 and more children ministers for effective children ministry and also to develop them spiritually through effective practical trainings.


A—–admit you are a sinner
B—–believe that God loves you and that He sent His Son to die for your sins
C—-confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and you shall be saved.

To share the gospel of Jesus to 6000 children each year and more as God opens doors

We partner with churches and organizations that have the same passion to share the gospel.

• Train church on mission and outreach on children.
• Share the gospel to children with clarity.
• Share the gospel to the unreached communities.
• Raise missionaries who are dedicated to share the gospel to the unreached community of children.
• Street evangelism
• Crusades
• One on one
• Outreach concerts
• Media outreach
 Kids magazine
 TV show
 Radio show