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Equipping and empowering children workers for effective ministry

It’s our goal and heart’s desire as a Christian organization to see children ministers empowered for effective fruitful, growing children ministry and also to see the great commission fulfilled through reaching children.
School of children ministry offers different programs to children ministers and organizations that work with children, from team building to short courses on children ministries and more.
Vision– Raising effective children ministers
Mission-Empower and equip children ministers to reach and disciple children of Africa through the whole council of God.
• Raising children missionaries for Africa
• Mobilization of children worker in ministries and children programs.
• Developing children curriculums for mentorship and Sunday school.
• Empowering children ministers through trainings and exposure for experience on children ministry.
• Mobilizing the church for children outreach.
• Children workers prayer network.
• Equip children ministers for effective ministry.

Children ministers’ network

Africa children Ministers’ Fellowship is a Program that takes place every second Sunday of the month starting from 2:30 to 4pm. The program allows children workers or ministers to be refreshed, share testimonies, be empowered and add more skills on handling children and more and find time to pray for children needs in their area of work.

• Strengthening the bond between children workers/ministers in Africa for effective ministry to children and share ideas.
• Refreshing children ministers through different activities.
• To share testimonies and challenges facing
• Children ministries.
• Monthly empowerment and addition of skills on handling children.
• Time of prayer and fellowship.

Children minister Jericho junction
• Team building
• Retreats
• Fun day
• Teachers fellowship
• Teachers views and opinions
• Teachers fun outing (trips, breakfast, sporting activities)
• Conferences and seminars

 Mentorship
 Discipleship
 Outreach programs and missions
 Kids clubs
 Vocational Bible Study
 Camps
 Children ministry


1. Lack of special attention from the church. (It’s not prioritized perceived as cost centered).
2. No investment done in children ministry.
3. Churches are too tired to care (no special attention given to children).
4. Lack of enough children workers. Burn out due to tired teachers.
5. Lack of vision for children also which is not communicated to children workers.
6. Lack of motivational and motivated teachers.
7. Lack of discernment of needs surrounding the children both in the church and surrounding community.
8. Lack of balance in the church where by some churches have directed their ministry towards certain age group leaving out other age groups.
9. The church being committed to survive rather than the ministry which leads to children ministry suffering since it’s the minority in some churches.
10. Lack of well-equipped teachers to handle children in spiritual matters.
11. Inconsistency in children and teacher attendance.
12. Lack of enough resources.
13. Lack of a strategic plan on reaching the children both in church and outside.
14. No clear time table or opportunity for children to interact with the main church.
15. Starts at home then transferred to church due to parents not taking responsibility.
16. Sunday school has been seen as dumping ground for parents to get rid of their kids so as to have time of worship.
17. Lack of consistent lesson plans.
18. Not being well informed on current issues

Special programs
-Children ministry consultancy
-6 months training program with practical I

(Helping the church develop effective children ministry) and 3 months of practical implementations.
The program is divided into 3 segments that help capture the most critical areas of children ministry.
Million of children today know almost nothing about the bible or the church. Unfortunately, that fact doesn’t seem to create a strong sense of urgency in the church, in the home or in the society in general. Who will teach our children the gospel with clarity?? Let’s support the children ministries for effective ministry by your resources, sponsoring trainings, retreats for them...

Our project
Building school for children ministry

It’s our desire to establish a school where children workers and ministers can be fully equipped and find mentorship for effective work to children. The school will be able to give children workers and minister’s opportunities to grow their calling on children and expose them to different environments and ministries.
In the school we hope to establish a retreat center where children workers and ministers can find rest and time of spiritual refreshment.