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Super Kids Africa is a missions organization that supports current schools with supplies and other essential items, and establishes schools in rural and remote locations where no schools are available for child to attend. Our goal is for each child to receive quality education, with no child left behind. We have  faith  in  God  that  He  will  provide  these  things  for  each  and  every struggling child, while alos providing spiritual training and guidance, so each child  is firmly rooted in their faith in God. We aim to offer encouragement and  a  safe,  happy  environment  where  every  child  is  known,  valued  and accepted as they are. The children serve are from poor backgrounds. We are humble seeking sponsorhsip for each child.


Transforming communities through quality education, grounded in the word of God to create well rounded, strong, confident children of upstanding faith.


To  provide  exceptional  care,  and  foster  a  creative  community  of  smart learners.


A community of life long learners, responsible global citizens, and strong and faithful leaders of tomorrow..


Super  Kid’s  mentorship  program  directs  its  focus  to  the  children  and  the care  givers  in  the  communities  of  Africa  that  are  under  the  sponsorship program.    We    provide    mentorship,    discipleship,    school    tutoring    and counseling  for  the  children.  We  welcome  individuals  and  organizations  to partner and provide their skills in mentorship


  • Provide mentorship and counseling to children
  • Provide a  discipleship  program  and  help  the  children  in  their  walk with the Lord
  • Provide school tutoring for quality performance in school
  • To help   us   keep   in   touch   with   children   under   our   sponsorship program.
  • Teach and train in life skills

Our current project .Super kids Kakogoo School.

The school is located in Kenya, Kitui county . TLocated in rural and remote locations, the school has 46 students and is located in such a place where a child  would  normally  have  to  trek  several  kilometers to go to school each day. . The area is affected by long periods of no rain and poverty. Together with  care  givers  we  have joined together to see the children don’t have to walk  20   and  more  kilometers  to  attend  a  school  and  also  receive quality education . Walking 20 kilometers to school is unacceptable for a small child, and this situation is in dire need of support and funding .

How can you partner with us to transform the children of Kakogoo

  1. Volunteer your services to offer your skills to the school
  2. Sponsor a child
  3. Sponsor a teacher
  4. Donate school items E.G books, pens. School Bag. Chalk, shoes and more